Ending B

Sadder than girl in snow

What is this site?

Ending B is an anime/game news/review blog. It's a place for us to share our thoughts on the current games and animes that we are enjoying or hating. We also post news that we think is relevant to our readers.

Where did the name Ending B come from?

As a group, our editors love RPG's. One of the features we like in RPG's are multiple endings that reflect the choices of the person playing through the game. Along those lines, we realize that not everybody will look at a game or story and feel the same way about it. One of our goals here is to try to give multiple reviews from different editors for any one game or anime. Time constraints often keep this from actually happening, but we're working on it.

Who are you guys?

We are all friends in real life that get together about once a week (except when people are going to school in other states... grr). We usually spend this time playing games or watching anime. We are all between 24 and 26 years old (I think) and all have various jobs that don't involve games, anime, or news. So this website is just a hobby for us.

When did Ending B start?

Good question! Umm, I'm going to assume that our first news post is pretty accurate, so February 14th, 2008. Hmm, a Valentine's Day spent sitting at home making a website, that's sad.

Why did you start Ending B?

The motivation for starting the site stems from two classes Eric attended. The first required the creation of a basic personal website, and the second required the design and construction of a database with a web interface. The content of the website was initially some simple test posts and project status updates (some of which can still be seen if you look back to our early posts). After the site was up and running, we started recruiting other people to help write some articles in their spare time.

How is Ending B made?

The site uses XHTML 1.1 Strict, CSS2.1, and PHP5. It was mostly coded in Notepad++. Our database (MySQL 5.0) and website are hosted by DreamHost on a Linux server.