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So I Played the RE5 Demo

by Craig Olsen

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chris is blowing stuff up


Despite my severe sadness over the death of Jill, I decided to download and try out the Resident Evil 5 demo from Xbox Live. It's a little under half a gig in size to download, so it will take a while before you can play it. On the other hand, it is free!

First of all, while you can play the demo in a CO-OP mode, you can only play it with someone in the room (no Xbox Live). But it's a demo, so that's fine. There are two levels for you to try out: Public Assembly and Shanty Town. Public Assembly is pretty frantic with an unlimited number of zombies. You'll probably die pretty quickly. The Shanty Town is a bit more laid back, which I think is perfect for a demo.

You have both Chris and Sheva with you, but as far as I can tell, you can only control Chris. Both characters have a pistol and another weapon (Chris has a rifle and Sheva a machine gun). You'll probably use the pistol for most of the demo. It's kinda like if they let Ashley have a gun in RE4, and it's pretty damn fun.

Chris and Sheva

Chris and Sheva do make a good duo, but not as good as Chris and Jill... sorry, still bitter.

I actually made it pretty far on the demo. I think I got to the end boss (a guy with a chainsaw). He made quick work of my team (mostly because I didn't have a shotgun).

This is a demo, but I hope they make some changes to a few things in the final version. First of all, this demo goes back to the old RE standby by of "One item, one item slot" and you only have eight each. I honestly hope that was just for the sake of the demo because it's a tad bit to hard to try and switch your weapon while your character sits there like a moron. Second, as I stated before, I hope you aren't stuck playing Chris the whole time. It would be cool to switch back and fourth between Chris and Sheva.

The full game comes out in March, so I'm looking forward to its release.

Jill was better.

Sorry about that...

No, no I'm not.