Ending B

Sadder than girl in snow

Today, the sequel to Final Fantasy 4 came out today. I took a little bit of time to glance at the game, and here are my initial thoughts.

Part of the FF4AY cast

In the front is Ceodore, the main character, along with the returning main characters from the original game.

Final Fantasy 4: The After Years takes place in the same world at the original, with the main character, Ceodore, taking a test to be a member of the Red Wings. He has big shoes to fill, as his parents are Cecil and Rosa, the main characters from the first game. So far, the game is fun. The story is interesting, but I do not know a whole lot of what is going on. The game does a poor job of veiling the identity the identity of "The Hooded Man," but that seems to be on purpose.

The game seems to be taking a page from Chrono Trigger by enacting a combo system (called Band attacks). I have only discovered one (the game unlocked it for me) called, what else, Cross Slash! Hopefully, there will be more fun attacks to discover.

My biggest complaint about the game is the random encounter rate is WAY too high. There are times that I cannot take more than four steps without an encounter.

Final Fantasy 4: The After Years is available on WiiWare for 800 points. That seems cheap, but the game does have extra downloadable content that costs extra. For example, they have a side story with Rydia available for 300 points. My guess is that they will have several of these.

More to come