Ending B

I'm the happiest magical tome in the whole world

With the newest Final Fantasy game coming out next year, I feel it may be time for the world... er... internet to find out how I... er... we at Ending B feel about this long standing series. Before XIII comes out, I plan on having some "Top" lists for you all to look at, including (but not limited to):

- A list of "core" Final Fantasy games listed from worst to best.
- Best spinoffs and sequels.
- Best music.

Stuff like that. I hope to get more of the Ending B crew involved in this to get involved in this to get a more complete and less biased compilation.

In the meantime, please enjoy this trailer for Final Fantasy XIII. Yes, it's in English, I know. But I found when reading the subtitles, I couldn't concentrate on the pretty pretty graphics.