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Black and White Starters

by Craig Olsen

Saturday, May 22, 2010

World, meet the Pokemon: Black and White starters. Pokemon: Black and White starters, meet the world.

Pokemon Black and White Starters

Quack/Hiss, ... Um... khew?, and Oink!

Not a lot is known about these Pokemon (seriously, I had to look all over the net for ANY info on them). All I have are the following:

* The green lizard/duck thing is the grass starter called Tsutarja. I'm guessing that the name will change in localization.
* The blue otter (who has been eating clams off of his tummy) is Mijumaru, the water starter. It could be 50/50 whether that name changes in localization or not.
* The red pig is Pokabu, the fire starter... pig. I don't think I like the barbecue implications.

Well, that is literally all I have. But as we draw closer to the release date (as of right now, Fall of 2010 for Japan) we will learn more about the new region of Pokemon.

Seriously, a fire pig? Lord, I can hear the bacon jokes now.

Pokemon info/pictures found at Bulbapedia and the logo found at Seven Sided Cube.