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Harvest Moon - Retrospective

by Craig Olsen

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Like at least one member of the "Ending B" squad, I too am looking forward to the release of the new Harvest Moon games. In addition to the DS version, I'm looking forward to the Wii version as well.

Harvest Moon Wii Logo

I can't wait to do chores with my Wiimote!

While waiting for the new Harvest Moon games, I decided to do a quick retrospective of the Harvest Moon games I've played, mostly concentrating on one of my favorite aspects, the dating scene! Why is that my favorite?... I really don't know, but here we go anyway!

Ann, Popuri, Dia, Muffy, and Gina

My favorite chickie-poos from different Harvest Moons (from left to right): Ann, Popuri, Dia, Muffy, and Gina

Harvest Moon (Original), Ann: Though the SNES was the first in the series, it wasn't the first one that I played. Since it's first in the series, however, I shall start here. Ann turned out to be the most interesting to me because she was the ONLY girl in the game who was NOT girlie (which is odd because I usually like the girlie-girls). Not only that, but she was the only one who seemed to have an interesting hobby, inventing!

Harvest Moon 64, Popuri: As it turns out, Popuri is probably one of my favorite bachelorette in the entire series. She is the nicest out of all the girls (which is saying something because 4 out of 5 of the HM64 version are really nice). She's girlie, loves flowers, but she is also adventurous. She loves the outdoors and climbing mountains. Best of all, when my character married her, she ACTUALLY HELPS OUT WITH THE FARM WORK!!! (she crates eggs and waters the plants. How kick ass is that?)

Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland, Dia: Dia was fun, as the shy quiet daughter of a rich family. I actually don't know much about her, because I stopped playing once I found out there was no dating aspect to this game. I did make friends with her before that realization, and she seemed nice (at least).

Harvest Moon DS, Muffy: Muffy is the barmaid of the village, and is fairly shallow when it comes to presents (jewelry, wine, other expensive things). Despite that, she's a sweetheart, and that's what really counts. She doesn't like to cook, but she'll cook only for you if you marry her (awww, that's kinda nice).

Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, Gina: There were a few important choices I had to make when courting in this game. Some girls needed to be unlocked/move into town, and each person in the game makes a short noise when you talk to them. I decided that I wanted to "marry" a girl who wasn't a native to the town and who's talking noise was tolerable. Gina fit that bill perfectly. She moves in as a registered nurse and gives a soft chuckle when you talk to her. Plus, she loves Coral, making her VERY easy to impress.

Recently, I've purchased Harvest Moon: Boy and Girl for the PSP. I have the same choices as in Harvest Moon 64, so I'm leaning towards Popuri again. I'm also thinking about playing the girl version as well... though I have no idea who I'd court for that... (awkward)