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Suikoden for the DS

by Craig Olsen

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Well, this is late, but I just found out that a new Suikoden game is coming out! And on a system that I own! I love this series, and I was quite concerned that the new games would come out on the PS3 and I wouldn't be able to get it. It's coming to the US... at some point in time...

Suikoden Tierkreis

Ooooo... pretty logo... This could be a good one!

According to Wikipedia, Tierkries is German for "Zodiac", so it looks like another set of myths will be put into the series (besides the 108 stars of destiny). I was pretty stoked about this, but then...

Suikoden Tierkreis Screenshot

... I saw this screenshot on IGN

Now, some may be wondering, "Why is this a cause for alarm?" Well, one of the fun aspects of the Suikoden series is that parties usually consist of six fighters (and sometimes some followers). The only game in the series that didn't have six fighters was Suikoden IV, which was less than stellar. Oh god, I hope that this game doesn't turn out like IV. Nothing good came out of that!

Runemaster Jeane

Oh, wait, that's Jeane's costume from Suikoden IV...

Huh, suddenly I feel a whole lot better!