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Clannad After Story - Progress Report

by Craig Olsen

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Since I did a quick progress report for the first Clannad, I figured it would be okay to do one for Clannad - After Story. Unfortunately, there's not really a whole lot I can talk about without revealing MAJOR spoilers, so I'll keep it as vague as possible.

*ahem*. I have about... six episodes left before the finale of CAS. So far, the episodes have been pretty hit and miss. Once again, my opinion on the series is basically going to depend on whether the ending is good or not.

The characters are the same as the series before, except for...


Ushio, possibly the most adorable Anime character I've ever seen.

I'm trying not to like her, because characters that I like tend to... die. But she keeps on doing things like...


Trying and failing to eat fried rice.

Oh, and one more thing:


She has the ability to make you cry at a moments notice.

You have been warned.