Ending B

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Yeah Toast!

by Eric Kociecki

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Random Ending B related trivia for the day:

The most common search term that leads people to our site is "toast." Link below the picture to read more about this oddity.

A picture of toast

The original "Test Toast"

Way back in our early days (about a year and a half ago), Steve made his first post to the site. It was a simple test post (that I almost deleted because it had no real content) that has a bit of text and a picture of toast. Nothing more and nothing less. Somehow, this did a couple things for the site.

First, we are the second highest result in a Google image search for "toast". A Bing image search for toast ranks us at #5. A Yahoo image search on the other hand doesn't even put us in the top 200 results. The obvious conclusion here is that Yahoo has the most accurate image search engine. They are the only search engine that realizes we have NOTHING TO DO WITH TOAST! Although we do think it's tasty.

Second, the most popular 'page' of the site is the page you get when you click on Steve's name. This is the page Google links to. Steve's only written five articles! Sure he covers such diverse topics as noodle stands, bombs, Cologne, and of course toast, but we have way more articles from other authors. (no offense Steve, just write more stuff)

Third, it skews our web stats. I'm guessing that most of our viewers don't care about anime or video games at all...they just care about toast... Which leads me to an announcement: We will now only be covering games and animes related to toast! This could be the start of a new era of popularity for Ending B. We can finally bridge the gap between our usual otaku crowd and our avid toast-searching crowd. Or we could forget about this entirely...