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Star Ocean: Basic Information

by Craig Olsen

Monday, August 25, 2008

As a lad, I enjoyed a little game released by Enix called "Star Ocean 2". Since then, they've only released one other game to the US (Till the End of Time) and, to be honest, I really didn't like it. That's why I was excited to find out that there are some more Star Ocean games coming out to the United States (so I can get a better idea whether I like this series or not). Except for "Second Evolution", I know next to nothing about them. But! I have some release dates to share!

Star Ocean: First Departure (PSP), a re-release of Star Ocean for SNES (not brought over to the US); 10/21/2008

Star Ocean One

I sense a color scheme going on here...

Star Ocean: Second Evolution (PSP), a re-release of Star Ocean 2, which was all kinds of awesome; 01/06/2009

Star Ocean Two

Oo! This is my standard party! Left to right: Celine (Mage), Rena (Healer), Claude (Power Warrior), Ashton (Technique Warrior)

Star Ocean: Last Hope (XBox 360), new... but looks kinda standard... and not Anime-ish... I don't know about this one...; Q2 of 2009

Star Ocean One Last Hope

Too bad, I really liked the Anime style of the others

Square-Enix's Official Star Ocean Site

That is all