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Grading MK vs DC Finishing Moves

by Craig Olsen

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I saw this video on Kotaku and decided to rate every fatality/heroic brutality, in order of appearance in the video. The rating system is basically the first thought that comes to me when I see it. *ahem*

Baraka Fatality 1 - Meh
Baraka Fatality 2 - Lame
Jax Fatality 1 - Slightly amusing
Jax Fatality 2 - Weak
Kano Fatality 1 - Suck
Kano Fatality 2 - Super Suck
Kitana Fatality 1 - Nostalgic
Kitana Fatality 2 - Boring
Liu Kang Fatality 1 - Amusingly Nostalgic
Liu Kang Fatality 2 - Irish Jig of Death... HAH!
Raiden Fatality 1 - Nostalgic, but stale
Raiden Fatality 2 - Oh come on...
Sonya Fatality 1 - Fiery Nostalgic
Sonya Fatality 2 - Uninteresting
Scorpion Fatality 1 - I would be upset if they left this one out
Scorpion Fatality 2 - COOL
Shang Tsung Fatality 1 - Too simple
Shang Tsung Fatality 2 - Uh... wasn't that the same as the one before?
Sub-Zero Fatality 1 - Again, needed to be there
Sub-Zero Fatality 2 - Oh look, another repeat
Batman Heroic 1 - Effective and clever
Batman Heroic 2 - Less clever, but something he would do
Captain Marvel Heroic 1 - Wait, who's Captain Marvel?
Captain Marvel Heroic 2 - And why are his finishers so bad?
Catwoman Fatality 1 - Okay, I guess
Catwoman Fatality 2 - OUCH
Deathstroke Fatality 1 - Was that last part necessary?
Deathstroke Fatality 2 - Why use the sword at all?
The Flash Heroic 1 - Punchie punchie!
The Flash Heroic 2 - Typical Flash move. A good one, though
Green Lantern Heroic 1 - Seems a little too silly to me
Green Lantern Heroic 2 - How is he not DEAD from that?
The Joker Fatality 1 - AWESOME
The Joker Fatality 2 - What... no pencil magic?
The Joker Fatality 1 (unedited) - How is that worse than a card to the brain?
Lex Luther Fatality 1 - Maybe that's a bit of overkill...
Lex Luther Fatality 2 - *cringes* Owwww...
Wonder Woman Heroic 1 - Hey, the lasso isn't used like THAT
Wonder Woman Heroic 2 - That's more like it
Superman Heroic 1 - Why can Sub-Zero shatter someone and Superman can't?
Superman Heroic 2 - I'm sure the first hit would've broken his skull

Well, I wasn't on board with this idea when it first came out... and from the looks of it, I'm still not. I mean, can you even use a fatality on Superman?