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Wind Nocturne - PSP Version

by Craig Olsen

Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm going to be doing a rhetorical analysis of the different versions of "Wind Nocturne" from Lunar Silver Star Story and Lunar Silver Star Harmony. However, after a lot of searching, I couldn't find a video of the Harmony version. So...

I created one!

Yeah yeah, it's not a direct video rip from the PSP version. I used a stock video I found on my hard drive and the MP3 I got off of the official soundtrack. Of course, the official song is twice as long, so I had to use Audacity to edit the song to get it to the correct length. Despite the little clicks in the audio, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.

I'll do a rhetorical analysis when I get the chance (probably sometime this summer), but I hope you enjoy this in the meantime.

Two things. First, I created an "Ending B" account on YouTube, so that way we cam now upload any videos we may create for this site for all to see. Second, I made a quick little video of something... well... stupid. I just figured out how to splice sounds into the same scenes using Microsoft Movie Maker, and this was my test experiment (so please excuse the "less than stellar" video quality).

Stupid Fun with Clock Tower 3


Final Fantasy XIII - Soundtrack Fun!

by Craig Olsen

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hey all! Some of the Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack pieces were released late October. I thought I'd share some of my favorites.

As you can probably tell, this is the main character's theme. It's pretty (lots of piano, so I think Ed will like it).

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While looking for a trailer video for my previous post, I stumbled across these Final Fantasy (I'm assuming fan made) parody videos of some animes, and I thought I would share some of the better quality ones with you.

In all honesty, I have no idea what this is parodying (all I could gather is that they're doing something called a "Becky Dance."), but it's the ladies of Final Fantasy VI doing a cute little dance.

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Grading MK vs DC Finishing Moves

by Craig Olsen

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I saw this video on Kotaku and decided to rate every fatality/heroic brutality, in order of appearance in the video. The rating system is basically the first thought that comes to me when I see it. *ahem*

Baraka Fatality 1 - Meh
Baraka Fatality 2 - Lame
Jax Fatality 1 - Slightly amusing
Jax Fatality 2 - Weak
Kano Fatality 1 - Suck
Kano Fatality 2 - Super Suck
Kitana Fatality 1 - Nostalgic
Kitana Fatality 2 - Boring
Liu Kang Fatality 1 - Amusingly Nostalgic
Liu Kang Fatality 2 - Irish Jig of Death... HAH!
Raiden Fatality 1 - Nostalgic, but stale
Raiden Fatality 2 - Oh come on...
Sonya Fatality 1 - Fiery Nostalgic
Sonya Fatality 2 - Uninteresting
Scorpion Fatality 1 - I would be upset if they left this one out
Scorpion Fatality 2 - COOL
Shang Tsung Fatality 1 - Too simple
Shang Tsung Fatality 2 - Uh... wasn't that the same as the one before?
Sub-Zero Fatality 1 - Again, needed to be there
Sub-Zero Fatality 2 - Oh look, another repeat
Batman Heroic 1 - Effective and clever
Batman Heroic 2 - Less clever, but something he would do
Captain Marvel Heroic 1 - Wait, who's Captain Marvel?
Captain Marvel Heroic 2 - And why are his finishers so bad?
Catwoman Fatality 1 - Okay, I guess
Catwoman Fatality 2 - OUCH
Deathstroke Fatality 1 - Was that last part necessary?
Deathstroke Fatality 2 - Why use the sword at all?
The Flash Heroic 1 - Punchie punchie!
The Flash Heroic 2 - Typical Flash move. A good one, though
Green Lantern Heroic 1 - Seems a little too silly to me
Green Lantern Heroic 2 - How is he not DEAD from that?
The Joker Fatality 1 - AWESOME
The Joker Fatality 2 - What... no pencil magic?
The Joker Fatality 1 (unedited) - How is that worse than a card to the brain?
Lex Luther Fatality 1 - Maybe that's a bit of overkill...
Lex Luther Fatality 2 - *cringes* Owwww...
Wonder Woman Heroic 1 - Hey, the lasso isn't used like THAT
Wonder Woman Heroic 2 - That's more like it
Superman Heroic 1 - Why can Sub-Zero shatter someone and Superman can't?
Superman Heroic 2 - I'm sure the first hit would've broken his skull

Well, I wasn't on board with this idea when it first came out... and from the looks of it, I'm still not. I mean, can you even use a fatality on Superman?