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Wind Nocturne - PSP Version

by Craig Olsen

Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm going to be doing a rhetorical analysis of the different versions of "Wind Nocturne" from Lunar Silver Star Story and Lunar Silver Star Harmony. However, after a lot of searching, I couldn't find a video of the Harmony version. So...

I created one!

Yeah yeah, it's not a direct video rip from the PSP version. I used a stock video I found on my hard drive and the MP3 I got off of the official soundtrack. Of course, the official song is twice as long, so I had to use Audacity to edit the song to get it to the correct length. Despite the little clicks in the audio, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.

I'll do a rhetorical analysis when I get the chance (probably sometime this summer), but I hope you enjoy this in the meantime.

I found this video while looking around Kotaku.

Granted, a lot of my confusion probably steams from my inability to understand Japanese, but still... this is just odd. And apparently this is an official trailer/video for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (which I'm guessing is a PSP game from looking at the graphics), so will this have something to do with the game? Probably not. I'm guessing it's some sort of music video. However, knowing the creators of the Metal Gear and their love of... well... the strange, I wouldn't put it past them.

Song is catchy, though.

Ohayocon AMV Goodness

by Craig Olsen

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hello all! All of us at Ending B had a great time at Ohayocon this year. Since I've now started to attend the AMV contest panels this year, I thought it would be fun to share some of the ones that we watched. Though I had an extreme few to chose from (both from YouTube and Google), I picked out three that were fun to watch. I hope you enjoy them.

All AMVs featured are done so with permission from their creators.

KaseiHikari's "The Love + Joy Project"
Source: Lucky Star
Song: Love and Joy by Yuki Kimura
Category: Upbeat

Before we get any further, the next two AMV's are from the action category. While the first has a fair amount of fighting, the last one contains explicit scenes of violence and gore (thank you Resident Evil for that phrase).

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With Lunar: Silver Star Harmony coming out soon for the PSP, I'm reminded about one of my favorite video game moments; Luna's "Boat Song" (also called "Wind Nocturne") from Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. It's a beautiful song where Luna, the female lead, expresses her loneliness and desire to know her place in the world. Take a look.

Lunar: Silver Star Story - The Boat Song

It's usually jarring to have a character spontaneously break into song, but it worked well in Lunar since Luna is a songtress. Since I have a musical background myself, I enjoy these musical moments. Luna's song is one of my favorites, but what are some others?

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Final Fantasy Retrospective - Music

by Craig Olsen

Friday, December 11, 2009

I've had Final Fantasy on the brain for a while, and one thing that I absolutely love love about the series is the music. Up until the more recent titles (aka FF12), the music has been composed by Nobuo Uematsu, and, despite what I think about each game, I loved the soundtrack for each one.

Here are the rules that I set forth for not only this part of the retrospective, but as a whole as well.
1.) When talking about the best and worst aspects of the series, one part will be chosen per game to explore. So, for the music retrospective, one song will be selected from each game.
2.) Unless stated otherwise, only the games in the main series will be analyzed. AKA, Final Fantasy 1-10 & 12. The main reason Final Fantasy 11 is not a part these lists is because I strongly believe that MMORPGs cannot and should not be compared using the same criteria as console games. They are two almost completely different things.
3.) If a list we create states "Best or Worst of," then the order is that of preference (least liked to most liked). In others, such as this one, the order is simply chronological.

Sound fair? Okay!

Final Fantasy I: Corneria/Cornelia Castle

The theme to "Coneria Castle" in FF1 is a calm serene piece of music. True, it is the same motif in repetition, but you have to keep in mind this was originally written for the NES, so they didn't have the space to write something too complicated. This particular version is from the Playstation remake, and I think it has more of a Medieval feeling.

... More

Hey everyone, I know you like hearing music once in a while, so here's something I've been messing with. This is by no means a final piece, but I hope you all enjoy it nonetheless.

Something for Piano

Musical Update

by Ed Van Loon

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hey everyone! I've created a new tune. This one seems to be a little more accurate to how I wanted an anime opening to sound like, but of course, feel free to listen to it and give me feedback!

The Eternal Struggle of Light and Darkness

I would post an image, but I'm not sure what's appropriate, perhaps someone with a little more artistic vision may find something worthwhile?

All right, I know this is not usually related to what we do on the website, but this is Ed related, and people tend to like what I write anyway, so feel free to use my bandwidth.

Rythm and Emotion

Ambient Eternity