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Ohayocon AMV Goodness

by Craig Olsen

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hello all! All of us at Ending B had a great time at Ohayocon this year. Since I've now started to attend the AMV contest panels this year, I thought it would be fun to share some of the ones that we watched. Though I had an extreme few to chose from (both from YouTube and Google), I picked out three that were fun to watch. I hope you enjoy them.

All AMVs featured are done so with permission from their creators.

KaseiHikari's "The Love + Joy Project"
Source: Lucky Star
Song: Love and Joy by Yuki Kimura
Category: Upbeat

Before we get any further, the next two AMV's are from the action category. While the first has a fair amount of fighting, the last one contains explicit scenes of violence and gore (thank you Resident Evil for that phrase).

rolfyboy8's "Kingdom Bleach (Yoruichi vs. Soi Fong)"
Source: Bleach and Kingdom Hearts
Song: Various tracks from the Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 OST
Category: Action (1st Place)

Samurai Jake's "Chiyo-chan's Basterds"
Source: Azumanga Daioh and Hellsing Ultimate
Audio: Inglorious Basterds trailer
Category: Action (Best in Show)

One of these days I should learn how to make an AMV... oh well. Until next time!