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With Lunar: Silver Star Harmony coming out soon for the PSP, I'm reminded about one of my favorite video game moments; Luna's "Boat Song" (also called "Wind Nocturne") from Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. It's a beautiful song where Luna, the female lead, expresses her loneliness and desire to know her place in the world. Take a look.

Lunar: Silver Star Story - The Boat Song

It's usually jarring to have a character spontaneously break into song, but it worked well in Lunar since Luna is a songtress. Since I have a musical background myself, I enjoy these musical moments. Luna's song is one of my favorites, but what are some others?

Back in the day of original Playstation, a little know game by Nippon Ichi Software (those who brought us Disgaea and Phantom Brace) was released around the idea that the world was musical. In Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, you play as a girl named Cornet who is trying to win the heart of, then eventually rescue, the prince of her kingdom. Since the game is based around music, Cornet often breaks into song (as well as those around her).

In this scene, Cornet has made it to the last leg of a contest where she has to sing a song from her heart. Singing a similar song is Etoile Rosenqueen, Cornet's rival/best friend. Her song reveals that she is not a rich girl stereotype, but something deeper. Plus, my friend of mine loves this song. So, Liz, this is for you!

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure - Let's Go On (Contest Version)

The next song is a case of "either you love it or hate it." Personally, I actually liked Final Fantasy X-2. More than X? Maybe, maybe not. I really don't know. But it was a game that didn't take itself too seriously, which was a refreshing change of pace compared to the other games in the series that were dead serious. We basically got that impression right of the back with X-2's opening, where Yuna(?) performs a admittedly catchy pop song.

Final Fantasy X-2 - Real Emotion

I was pleasently surprised to find out that musical moments are still alive. To be fair, Bioware's most recent release, Dragon Age: Origins, was the last place I thought I find one. Your bard, Leliana, sings a BEAUTIFUL celtic requiem. I'd explain why, but I think Leliana does a better job of explaining it herself.

Dragon Age: Origins - Leliana's Song

The final song that I'm including is actually my favorite musical moment in any video game I've ever played. Yes, it's a Super Nintendo game. Yes, there is no real voice. Yes, it sounds strange by today's standards, but the opera scene in Final Fantasy 3/6 not only showed the player what Celes could do, but how video game music could be an art form. Enjoy.

Final Fantasy 3/6: Aria di Mezzo Carattere

I hope that musical moments such as these continue to be a part of video games. And here's hoping that they don't mess up Luna's Boat song in Silver Star Harmony.

Bravo! Encore! *replays all the songs*