Ending B

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April Fools 2009

by Eric Kociecki

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hope everyone had a good April Fools Day. This was the second year that Ending B was able to do some kind of joke. To see what we did this year, click here. I suggest you use either Google Chrome or Safari to get the full benefit from the prank. Once you go to the page, you'll see a joke post I wrote up. The main attraction though comes in once you move your mouse anywhere on the page. The javascript code was borrowed from www.mrdoob.com where it was written as part of a Chrome Experiment. Because the code was designed for Chrome, results in other browsers is a bit different. Firefox and Opera work, but don't support rotation of the individual pieces. In IE8 the pieces just keep falling right off the screen (which is also kind of amusing).

A screenshot of the site showing the April Fools prank

You can click and drag the various pieces of the site around too.

More recently Mr. Doob started a new project called rfrrr.com that sounds interesting. He's dubbed it a referrocracy, but to me, it's a kind of free advertising! Click the link and check out some of the other sites that are currently part of the referrocracy.