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Who needs the antidote again?

See? What did I tell you? Easy access! Unlike Bitworld, I actually spent quite a bit of time playing RunMan, and figured it deserved a more lengthy review. Click on the picture for a link to the main website.

RunMan: Race Around the World

Man, check out that awesome boxart

Remember back in the heyday of Sonic the Hedgehog? The gameplay was simple, and the main premise was moving fast. RunMan takes this idea, and runs with it as far as possible. The controls are explained in game, so I'd rather not get into that here. The music, however, is so unbelievably quirky that I'm not sure if I like it with the game or not.

RunMan: Race Around the World

You're too slow!

This game has everything a person wanting to go fast would want. You can have a ghost keep track of your previous time, and race against it to get the best time. Also there are medals in this game based on your race time, but they get progressively harder to obtain as the game goes on. Do yourself a favor by giving RunMan a shot, since it's an indie game, there's very little to lose.