Ending B

Defense is ready, your honor

Not your craft, MINECRAFT.

by Ed Van Loon

Friday, April 23, 2010

I suppose you could add this to my "Independent Action" series, but I couldn't resist the title.


One of the many sights of the Ending B Minecraft server!

Does that image tickle your fancy? How about being able to build almost whatever you can think of? Are you a lego sort of person? Then this game is made for you! Also it's written in Java, so that's really cool in my book. But we'll find out more after the FOLD!

Unlike my previous posts, I have quite a number of pictures to share with you all. I actually had to use something special to get a few of these panoramic shots, so there's all that effort put into action!


Another one of the many sights of the Ending B Minecraft server!

There isn't much to really say about this game, certain servers have additional rules (such as a zombie scenario), but other than that, you can pretty much build whatever you want. The survival mode is apparently an exercise in patience, but I'm having plenty of fun logging in from time to time just to make something new.


A hidden reference! Can you find the others?

Of course, there are plenty of other fun things to do...


Eric needed to chill out.


I don't think this will make me very poplar

Go ahead and check out the Ending B server at: THIS LINK