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Independent Action: Alien Swarm

by Ed Van Loon

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hello everyone! I figured I'd write a quick article because I found something pretty cool here:

Alien Swarm Logo

So Alien Swarm is a top down squad based shooter with 4 player co-op. Also it has some RPG elements in the way of acquiring items as you play. The game release also allows you to view the source code and supports modding. The best part? It's free. The catch? You need Steam.

Oh, I know, it is such a huge deal to have Steam, isn't it? How's that tinfoil hat treating you? Seriously, Steam has only been effective in taking my money for really cheap games, so it keeps me legit in that fashion. I can only see the service as a good thing, to be honest, as it is rather minimalistic in the DRM sense.

Bottom line? Game's not out yet, but I'm thinking of trying it when it comes out July 19th. It may not look like the best game, but it is free, and free's a good number.