Ending B

Moon... Prism... POWER!!

Confirmed for Brawl

by Slowpoke

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hey guys, I just got a great inside tip from my trusted source at Nintendo. This guy is totally legit and was the first one to know about the awesome Virtual Boy! Oh man, I love that console. Anyway, he says that the newest character for Brawl is none other than the famous Covenant-killing Mister Chief!

i think masterchief is a pretty cool guy eh kills aliens and doesnt afraid of anything

I'm pretty stoked, I love this guy!

I know this is pretty hard to believe, so I asked him for some proof and he showed me this next picture. I had some of my NSA friends take a look at it and they assure my it's an unedited image.

And who's that on the top right? Is that Halo's boyfriend?

This is fo' reals guys!

Obviously it's hard to refute this type of evidence, but I guess we'll all know for sure once Brawl goes on sale. I can't wait! Do you think I should start waiting in line now?