Ending B

You don't know what she means by 'Zora's Engagment Ring'...


by Eric Kociecki

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Otakon is less than a week away and the Ending B squad is going this year! In case you're unfamiliar with Otakon, I'll quote Wikipedia ... "It is considered the second largest and one of the longest-running Anime conventions in the United States." It's held in Baltimore, Maryland, and this year we'll be there with Kim from www.mhho.com. Kim, as usual, will have a table set up in Artist's Alley to sell some of her amazing art. If you're also going to the con, try to keep an eye out for some people dressed up as Smash Bros. Brawl characters, they may be us! Or they might be some other random people, either way say "Hi!" and make some new friends!

Thanks to the magic of The Internets and Digital Photography, we'll also be bringing you news and pictures from the con floor itself. Look forward to more as the week progresses!

Otakon Banner

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