Ending B

We're looking kinda cool

Otakon is over and done with. Sunday was the shortest day with the con closing at 3pm. Fewer people were cosplaying and some of the dealers and artists had closed up shop and left already. While less crowded than previous days, it was still busy, especially the Dealer's Room where dealers started offering discounts to try to get rid of some of the leftover merchandise. The whole feel of the con was a bit different also. It seemed a little less friendly, a little more hectic, and really like it was just time to finish up.

Dolls at Otakon

Artist's Alley and the Dealer's Room were just as busy

The biggest change came after we ate dinner. By that time there were no more cosplayers anywhere around and almost nobody who even looked like they had been at the con. For the last three days everyone who we saw at the hotel was there for the convention, but suddenly there were businesspeople and families. The streets around the Baltimore Convention Center were practically devoid of life. Maybe it was just me, but I really felt an incredible sense of loneliness. It was as if the whole convention had been wiped away and never happened.

This whole weekend was a blast and I would love to be here again next year! Unfortunately, I will most likely be unable to attend due to their choice of moving Otakon 2009 up to mid-July. We'll have to wait and see if any of the other Ending B squad make it out there. I hope everyone else who was at Otakon had as much fun as we did. Now, however, it's time to sleep.