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Are we the lightside or darkside ending?

K-On Season 2

by Craig Olsen

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Somehow, I missed the fact that K-On! just came out with a second season. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to watch it now, but maybe I'll give it a watch over the summer. The second season is "creatively" called K-On!!

K-On!! Opening and Closing

I think I like season one's OP and ED songs better (the OP sounds like it's being sung by the Chipettes). Speaking of which, if you haven't seen season one, I do think it's worth a watch. It's a fun show, but don't expect anything groundbreaking.

K-On! Episode 1

by Eric Kociecki

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What's a girl, to do when her one and only dream of forming a band with her best friend is falling apart? First the light music club is being disbanded for lack of members. Then her best friend tries to back out of their "dream." More importantly, their newest member has never played anything more difficult than the castanets.

Welcome to K-On! This anime is based off a manga of the same name by Kakifly. The four main characters are all first year students in high school and are looking for a club to join. Ritsu wants to join the light music club but learns that all of the members graduated last year. Unless four students join by the end of the month it will be disbanded. Ritsu recruits Mio, Tsumugi, and Yui and together they become the only members in the club. The next step is forming a band, but none of them can really play that well, or at all in Yui's case.

Mio and Ritsu discuss the band

Mio takes matters into her own hands, Tsumugi is amused.

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What Comes After Clannad

by Craig Olsen

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I originally thought that after Clannad: After Story that Kyoto Animation would release Haruhi season two. Well, according to Wikipedia (the most "credible" source on the internet), I am totally wrong.

Some girl with a guitar

The only thing this girl is missing is a witch hat!

According to the Wikipedia article, K-On! (the apparent name of the anime) is about four girls who are trying to save their music club from being cut. So what's the problem? None of the girls can read music or play instruments! This actually sounds like it could be fun!

This anime will be airing in April of 2009. With this in mind, we may be able to see our friend Haruhi around October of 2009. While there is no official release date, Kyoto usually releases two animes a year; one in April and one in October.

Rock on anime girls!

K-On! Wikipedia Article