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Acen 2009 Report: Day Three

by Eric Kociecki

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Acen 2009 is over, and we are tired! I'm back at Kim's place for the night after a 7 hour drive from Chicagoland. Sunday was slower than the other days, but we still saw quite a few cosplayers. Artist's Alley was looking a little dead though as some artists left early (including us, we left an hour before close). Steve had to leave early in the afternoon to catch a flight back home. As usual, check out more pictures after the jump!

The Dealer's Room at Acen

The Dealer's Room was still a busy place today

Haruhi, Kyon, and Yuki cosplayers

Haruhi cosplayers were abundant, Kyon and Yuki were rare

A Roll cosplayer

Another rare cosplay, Roll from Megaman

A pickup truck with an Acen paint job

No idea what this was for, but it looked sweet

Acen was definitely fun, but I may choose not to come back next year. It's a long drive and wasn't as much fun as Otakon. Regardless, we'll continue sending back pictures from the cons we do attend and we hope to see some of our readers at future cons.