Ending B

Give back Kairi's heart!

I came across Dragonica while I was reading through an issue of MMOZine and promptly forgot about it. From what I recall, they mentioned that it was a fun game, but should not occupy the player for more than a few hours at a time.

Still with me? A few hours does not seem like a lot of time, but for someone that may have a busy schedule, perhaps that is for the better. I decided that since the open beta of this game was coming up, that it would be a good idea if I got into the game before it went gold.

Wait, this is one of those "cash shop" games, I.E., you are given a certain amount for free, but ultimately get to pay for things like items or additional content. In this game's case, it's mostly items, and from what I could see, they accentuated glamor rather than function. This is reminiscent of another game I play, Guild Wars, where the most expensive armor in the game, at 15000 gold plus the cost of materials, is substantially more expensive than the armor you can get before you get to the max level content, 1000 gold plus the cost of materials... there's no difference! It's all whether you want your character to look good, and in the case of the most expensive armor, you will be no more useful than someone with cheap looking armor.

I'll leave Guild Wars to another topic, but since the beta of this game is coming up on August 18th (at 5:00PM EST), I figured it would be a good time to let everyone know who might be interested in a fun side scrolling action based MMO. That's right, action based, and you can use a gamepad if you want.

If you are interested, feel free to check out THQ's Dragonica website and since I'll be playing there, I will update this post at a later time with the server I'm playing on (as well as a few screenshots).


Update: True to my word, I said I would give you the server I'm on. Well, little did I know that it looks like it's just the "Vyvern", and I have a thief named "Siledra", so feel free to message me if you enjoyed my review, or want to party!