Ending B

Uguu, Gao, and Aouuu!

Hello everyone! I am taking my time out of my busy job search to talk to you about a few things that you should look at.

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SIBP: Super Mario Galaxy 2

by Craig Olsen

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Welcome to another installment of "So I've Been Playing" (or SIBP for short). Today, we're going to be looking at Nintendo's Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Nintendo Wii.

Super Mario Galaxy

I wonder if Mario will ever learn to speak like a human being?

So, did I like it? Love it? Hate it? Well... to be honest...

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ACen 2010 Recap - Part 3

by Eric Kociecki

Monday, May 24, 2010

The first thing I did after getting to the con was … get my picture taken. I didn’t even manage to make it past the lobby before being stopped for the first time. I have a relatively popular cosplay, so this happens frequently. My favorite part of conventions is walking around and seeing the many cosplayers. I spend most of my day at a con taking pictures and getting my picture taken. I love cosplaying.

A large group of Gurren Lagann cosplayers at ACen 2010

Not me, but this Gurren Lagann group was hanging out by the entrance.

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Black and White Starters

by Craig Olsen

Saturday, May 22, 2010

World, meet the Pokemon: Black and White starters. Pokemon: Black and White starters, meet the world.

Pokemon Black and White Starters

Quack/Hiss, ... Um... khew?, and Oink!

Not a lot is known about these Pokemon (seriously, I had to look all over the net for ANY info on them). All I have are the following:

* The green lizard/duck thing is the grass starter called Tsutarja. I'm guessing that the name will change in localization.
* The blue otter (who has been eating clams off of his tummy) is Mijumaru, the water starter. It could be 50/50 whether that name changes in localization or not.
* The red pig is Pokabu, the fire starter... pig. I don't think I like the barbecue implications.

Well, that is literally all I have. But as we draw closer to the release date (as of right now, Fall of 2010 for Japan) we will learn more about the new region of Pokemon.

Seriously, a fire pig? Lord, I can hear the bacon jokes now.

Pokemon info/pictures found at Bulbapedia and the logo found at Seven Sided Cube.

This is the first of a short series of articles recapping this year's ACen 2010. As usual there were a ton of great cosplayers. I've collected a few of my favorites here on Ending B (see more after the jump). The full collection is viewable over on my Picasa Web Album here: picasaweb.com/eric.kociecki/ACen2010.

A group of Cowboy Bebop cosplayers from ACen 2010

Cowboy Bebop still has a pretty strong presence at cons

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Acen 2010

by Eric Kociecki

Thursday, May 13, 2010

We're packing up and heading off to Acen right NOW! Expect pictures and updates here throughout the weekend! (unless we don't have internet)

It's the article you've all been waiting for!

Okay, so it isn't really. But I've been playing League of Legends for a while so I figured I'd talk a little bit about it. League of Legends

If you liked the Defense of the Ancients map in Warcraft 3, you should check this out.

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God of War

by Ed Van Loon

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tired of the same old Greek Mythology? Wish you could get in on the action? Want to study the Greek gods through lots of violence?

If there was ever a game where one could think all the above, and be satisfied, then you've come to the right title!

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Hello everyone! It seems like many blogs out there on the Internet are posting about this particular game, but I felt like if anyone on this blog should be posting about this game, then it should be me.

The game in question is Super Mario Crossover! This is a flash game that you can find at Newgrounds, and for many of us, it's quite a blast from the past going back to that site. Feel free to click on the image for a direct link to the game.

Super Mario Crossover!

If I were Bowser Koopa, I would just quit right now.

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Not your craft, MINECRAFT.

by Ed Van Loon

Friday, April 23, 2010

I suppose you could add this to my "Independent Action" series, but I couldn't resist the title.


One of the many sights of the Ending B Minecraft server!

Does that image tickle your fancy? How about being able to build almost whatever you can think of? Are you a lego sort of person? Then this game is made for you! Also it's written in Java, so that's really cool in my book. But we'll find out more after the FOLD!

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